Monday, March 31, 2008

Half Day Play

A group of perturbed moms met up last week in response to the School Committee's decision to charge tuition for full-day kindergarten. In about two hours, we'd come up with a rough plan to meet our kids' social/developmental/curricular needs, a name for our fledgling organization, and a scheme to spread the word around Belmont. (Oh, we can be devious, we Mama Bears.) So check out the website (still pretty rough), and think good thoughts for us. We'll need 'em.


Cynthia said...

Bravo!!! Can I send a letter of indignation to the school board? I'm sure that if all of your out of state followers wrote, expressing our concern, the board would be forced to reconsider.
Good luck!

Rebecca said...

I am impressed and I must say GOOD FOR YOU!! It still ticks me off and make my blood boil. But I am ok.