Friday, March 14, 2008

Bethisms #2

We went on a shopping hunt today to find an Easter dress for Beth. (Sarah has fancy hand-me-downs, which I know she'll despise as she grows older, but for the time being I'm fine with it.) We didn't find what we were looking for, but ended up deciding that Beth can wear her Absolute Favorite Dress (cream velvet top, cream-and-gold flouncy skirt, sash) as an Easter dress, which made her supremely happy. This dress has also worked as a Cinderella dress for her friend's birthday party, so she really does feel like a princess in it.

I was holding Beth's hand (underhand reach into the back seat) while we were driving and then had to turn a corner. "Bethie? Mommy needs her hand back so she can drive."

"Oh. Okay. I need to drive too." She thought about it for a few moments. "I'm driving a pink ladybug car! It has pink spots and a pink mouth and a pink tongue."

Yeeeha! I think I want that car too. Does it have space for two car seats?

Sarah loooooves water and will happily splash her hands in the tub while I'm taking a bath. This morning she decided to wash her hair since I was washing mine — she splashed her hands in the water, then rubbed them in her hair, splashed, rubbed, splashed, rubbed. By the time she was done her hair and her shirt were both pretty wet, and she was thrilled with herself!

Guess I should figure out what the Sarah equivalent of a Bethism is...any thoughts?

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The Sarah-Talk
(or, just Sarahchat)
Sarah Yada

ooooh, I like that last one. Glad to hear that the funeral went well, despite the bumpy travel. Drat that T!