Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here's an event you can really sink your teeth into

This morning, shortly after he'd left for work, Scott called me from the car.

"Can you look into something for me? There's a sign up in Cushing Square that says there's a winter festival this week. We ought to go. And they're having a meat raffle."

"A what?"

"A meat raffle."


I looked into it, online. I can't find anything about a winter festival (will have to walk down and read the sign myself), but there is indeed a meat raffle tomorrow night at the senior center. Scott thinks it sounds tremendous, but I think I want to stay as far away as I possibly can. I can just hear it: "Ticket number one-one-five-eight! wins the fourteen pounds of dried pepper salami. Congratulations, 1158! Now for the six ham hocks, that's a pig and a half, folks...."

More in the Totoro vein...today Beth put on her bunny backpack, had me pack two (imaginary) Totoros inside it, and then waited at the (also imaginary) bus stop for the cat bus to come. She can't get over the furry seats, which MBTA buses most definitely do not have.

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