Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bethisms #1

Today as I was talking on the phone to my next-door neighbor Kiersten (which really is a laugh, because we could probably talk just as well, and at the same volume, if we simply leaned out our windows), Beth came running into the kitchen.


"What, Beth?"

"I was in my playroom and baby Sarah goed in my playroom and I came running into the kitchen and I yelled Mommy!"

Kiersten, of course, got a huge kick out of this. "I hope you're writing down all the Bethisms," she said.

I've been thinking about it for a while, and in my head I call them Bethisms too, so I'll have to start posting them as they happen. (Wait — no — then I wouldn't have time to actually do anything, 'cause I'd just be blogging nonstop. But I promise to put up the better ones.)

Sarah — sweet, kind little Sarah — was a huge help as I was putting Beth down for her "rest" today (read "Mommy wants you to take a nap, but if she says the N word it won't happen"). As I fixed Beth up in bed with her two favorite yellow blankets, Sarah toddled over to the bookshelf, picked out a book, and brought it over to Beth in bed. Then she did it again. And again. All told, we ended up with five books and three dollies in the bed for Beth to pore over and cuddle with during her rest.

Am trying the cloth diapers my friend Jen V. sent home with me this weekend (and am realizing that I have many too many friends named Jen, and will have to commence with initials). The ones with snaps aren't too bad to fasten, but the things are gigantic — I couldn't get Beth's pants back up over the diaper. The smell's not all that fun, either, and I'm suspecting that the thoroughly non-biodegradable disposables we've been using for nigh on three years also contain a (probably carcinogenic) deodorizing chemical. Sigh.

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Em Russ said...

That's hilarious! I have a posterboard on my wall where I write down all the funny stuff Lila says. It's a riot! I can't wait to hear what Beth comes up with!