Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bethisms #3

As I was taking a bath this morning, Beth came in bearing a loaf of imaginary bread that she had baked in her kitchen, and insisted that I try it.

I took some nibbles. "That's good bread, Bethie! What did you put in it?"

"Oh...just some melted butter."

She is so, so my child.

Sarah can now say "Uh-oh!" when she's done something worthy of the word. We've heard it a lot today.


Stacee Maree said...

GO Libby. You are just on top of things aren't you. Let me know how the kindergarten thing goes.

Anonymous said...

If Beth is taking orders, I would like one loaf please :)

Rebecca said...

Mmmmmm, one of the basic food groups! I always thought that triangle need to be a little bit bigger for my taste buds.