Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bethisms #5 (yep, they're coming fast and furious)

Yesterday the girls rediscovered their collection of finger puppets and played with them very enthusiastically in the kitchen for a while until I banished them (the puppets, not the girls) to the living room. This morning the girls very enthusiastically pulled all of Sarah's diapers out of their box and spread them around the living room.

When I went to put away the diapers this afternoon, I discovered one little finger puppet inside each diaper.


This afternoon the girls were eating snacks in the kitchen while I was trying (mostly in vain) to get a handle on the chaos that erupts in this house. When I went back into the kitchen, Sarah (with Beth's help, I'll bet) had flung all of her Cheerios on the floor.

"We're planting a Cheerio plant!" Beth announced. "It's going to grow Cheerios!"


Em Russ said...

Ha ha... I always wondered why the cheerios in my house seemed to multipy. Turns out they must be growing by the millions!

Stacee Maree said...

I agree, where do all of those cheerios come from? I will never understand. ANd I want to know what kind of animal is pollinating those cheerio plants because they are all over my house.

Danika said...

I love these stories!!! Your girls are soooo cute! I'll bet it's even funnier in restrospect rather than in the middle of the chaos.

Jessie said...

This made me laugh out loud! If Beth figures it out, tell her to try money next!!!

Dickson Circus said...

WHOOOOO!! I want Beth to grow me an Oreo plant!!
I loved the finger puppet in each diaper. I just love seeing the way their little minds work.
I had a blast with you guys, too!! You are totally "mi gente". I can't wait for my next trip to Boston! You, me and Danika will get our girls together. Hee hee! That's so fun to say!