Saturday, December 20, 2008

Not quite in full-scale panic mode

I have my sewing machine back, and it's humming along beautifully, and since the girls' dress-up capes are done and all the Christmas gifts for our neighbors are put together, I spent this evening cutting out pieces for the first Totoro. There's gray fluff everywhere — the dining room table, the floor, ground into the living room rug, on my clothes.

Oh — and my back is killing me, even after taking prophylactic ibuprofen before spreading the fuzzy fabric out on the table.

I have four more days to make this happen, and I'm not really panicking quite yet, but I'm scared enough to start working my tail off.

On the plus side, I think I figured out how to make the ears stand up: pipe cleaners.

Wish me luck. How are your Christmas preparations going?


Jen said...

How are you doing this without the kids noticing?

I forgot to pick up my conference pants at the tailor yesterday, so will have to do it first thing Monday before leaving for the airport. But otherwise we are pretty much on schedule here: cleaning and packing today. Good luck with Totoro! With him under the tree, it'll be a legendary Christmas for sure.

Libby said...

How, indeed. *Sigh.* I'm only working on him when they're asleep, which is more problematic now that Beth has mostly given up her nap. Bedtime's around 7:30, so that gives me several hours at night to work uninterrupted. Added bonus: they're young and they aren't looking for clues. It would never work if Beth were, say, 6.

That said...I've averaged 5 hours of sleep for the last several nights. Something is going to give, and give fast.

Danika said...

Just one more trip to the grocery store for final Christmas dinner preparations and stocking stuffers. That's IT! I'm so happy to be done, done, done!!!

Robyn Kailiponi said...

Good luck with Totoro. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Presents and food are all bought. But I'm waiting to finish wrapping, as Noah has figured out that he can UNWRAP the presents. We've started Christmas already, apparently.

Kazzy said...

Hey Libby! We are both bloggers. Who knew? Glad to have your address, and I will come back and see you again soon. Hope all of your projects came together.