Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mean streak

My baby sister just called me with her newest Grand Scheme: in her bid to become Favorite Aunt, she's going to buy our other sister's daughter a miniature horse.

And, since we're the city-dwellin' folk that we are, she's buying my daughters a teacup pig.

Not this Christmas, mind you. She has some saving to do.

I think she has a mean streak.


the Bunker Family said...

Can I just say Libby, that I love looking at your blog? It reminds me that there are some moms out there that are still intellectually sound and quite articulate even when their floors, tables and children are covered in appleseauce and peanut butter (or maybe that's just my house). I seem to only be fluent in 3-year old these days and it's nice to read your posts from a fellow mom who is still managing to keep a foot in the adult world too.

Gigi said...

I don't need to become the Favorite Aunt. I just want to reinforce my status.