Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Listen to your body!

10:00 last night, Beth still doing her in-and-out-of-bed, up-and-down-the-stairs routine: "I can't sleep."

"Sweetie pie, can you go back upstairs and put your head down on your pillow?"

Mournful face, tears welling up in the eyes. "But I'm saaaaaad." This is a common refrain around our house when Beth is exhausted, and I have a consistent way to deal with it.

"Bethie, you aren't sad. You're tired. When you feel this way it's your body's way of telling you that you're really tired."

"But I can't hear it!"


Jessie said...

Beth is so sweet:) I miss you guys!

Libby said...

Jessie, you miss this? I can still see you reading books to Bethie at 11:30 because we forgot to tell you she cried in protest at bedtime!

Wes said...

Beth gets more like her mother all the time.