Monday, December 15, 2008


So I called the town health department today, out of curiosity:

"I have a strange question — I've been looking on the town website and I see licensing requirements for dogs and cats, but nothing for other animals. Specifically, I'm wondering about getting a miniature pig."

"Um...not in Belmont."

"I see. What can you have in Belmont?"

"Just chickens."

"Huh. Well, thank you."

Well. There goes that idea.


Danika said...

LOL, I just read your comment on Seriously So Blessed. ASL to one of the Forgotten Carols... where do you get this stuff? Me mata! Me mata!

Maryanne said...

You can join the backyard chicken trend! My dad claims he wants to. And there was just a NYTimes article about it.

Sam and fam said...

Didn't I tell you that you could have chickens? Personally, I still want that goat...

Gigi said...

That settles it. You're just going to have to move. ;)

Reggs said...

How about the teacup pig but you FEED him chicken food? Frankly, that would make you over the top cool if you had a pig. Although, I would hate to pick up pig poop.