Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Customer disservice, part 2

...and here's the reply I got today:

Dear Libby,

Thank you for contacting H&M - we received your e-mail.

We apologize for the situation you encountered regarding our leggings, and H&M is grateful for your honesty. Unfortunately, H&M does not have on line shopping in the US and no transactions are processed outside of our stores. We regret this information was not supplied to you immediately in a customer service friendly manner.

H&M is appreciative of your willingness to pay for the legging, unfortunately H&M does not have the capability to process personal checks and they are not accepted as a method of payment in our stores.

We value your patronage, time and concern Libby, and in no way want you to feel embarrassed. Feel free to return the leggings at your convenience, the next time you visit us, as we understand the error was clearly an innocent mistake.

Additionally Libby, it would be our pleasure to send you a Courtesy Coupon valid until December 31st as a token of our appreciation to you - if you would provide us with your complete mailing address.


H&M Customer Service

So here's the deal: I've already put the check in the mail, as the saying goes. I appreciate that the stores have a policy of not accepting checks for fraud prevention purposes, but I'm going to trust that somewhere in the vast H&M worldwide resources they'll be able to figure out how to cash a personal check for $4.90. 'Cause it's going to show up in their mail tomorrow.



Em Russ said...

ha ha ha.... they should have just said, thanks for your honesty, but keep the leggings! I hope you're sending them your address so you can get that coupon... please tell me you are or I'll do it for you! :)

Stacee Maree said...

How annoying! I would have just told them that if they didn't have a solution I was going to keep the leggings until I decided to go back into town and if it was 6 months from then they would just have to take a lose for not helping me. I had to take ribbon back to wally-world one time and they looked at me like why didn't you just keep it. The thing is I intended to keep it, but it ended up under my coat so I didn't pay for it, if I wasn't planning to use it than I would have just taken it back and put it on the shelf, but since I wanted to cut it up in little pieces I thought I had better pay for it. Some people and their children?

Mary and Matt Price said...

way to be henst Libby! Sorry it turned into such a pain in the booty! Que Dios te bendiga!!!

Rebecca said...

Did you ever think it would take so much work just to be honest?? Just the looks alone when you go to return that item of amazement makes me think that we need to move to the mountains and eat berries and honey all the rest of our days (Not really:)) I am sorry, at least your concience can be cleared!

Reggs said...

WOW, free leggings AND a coupon for more stuff!! Apparently H&M isn't very good at MATH.
However, I think we just do everything we possibly can (and I am SO loving that you are mailing them a check) so that we can look the bishop/SP in the eye and say, "YES, I AM HONEST WITH MY FELLOW MAN!"
Thanks for the story, Libby!

Robyn Kailiponi said...

Isn't customer service great?! That's such a classic reply. Thanks for sharing it. Paul thinks UK customer service is even worse than the US, if you can imagine that.

That's nice of them to send you a coupon. It's probably for a free pair of leggings!