Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I'm going around the house closing all the storm windows, because it's becoming increasingly apparent that the warm weather is NOT coming back (well, not for months and months, anyway) and the cold is starting to affect my ability to type. And cook. And play with my kids. And do anything other than huddle under a blanket watching the Food Network. (Speaking of...if you haven't seen "The Chef Jeff Project," it's totally worth a gander.)

Sarah WILL NOT wear a hat. Or mittens.

Beth insists on wearing her hat, mittens, and scarf...even while inside. It's a good idea. I'm wearing a rather jaunty (well, in my mind anyway) black beret around the house myself. Goes with the black Halloween tee and the overall grimness outside.

I want the sky to stop being gray. August, August, wherefore art thou, August?


Jen said...

It's chilly and sunny here, which always feels like a bit of a gyp: you go outside expecting warmth, and instead you get a blast of cold wind down your neck. Brrr. At least the leaves are pretty -- the tree outside my office has gone from green to gold in about three days.

I'm looking forward to pictures of your bundled-up ballerinas!

Amanda said...

At least you're not in Pgh anymore. It was gray 12 months a year there. Although I do love Pgh . . .