Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah and the orange crayon

Sarah drew me a picture today, all by herself. She found the paper, she found the crayons, and she opened the box without help:

Masterpiece, isn't it? I have this vision of someday getting frames for my kids' artwork, and having a place on the wall to show it all off, along with a small card to the right of each piece:

orange crayon and scratch paper
private collection

(This may actually be an indication that I need to find a paying job back in the arts world and let my kids be kids.)

It is a pumpkin, apparently. Sarah showed me the picture and I said, "That's beautiful, Sarah! So much orange! Is it a pumpkin?"


"Or maybe spaghetti. Is it spaghetti?"

"No no no."

A few minutes later she was in the playroom, working hard at something important in the play kitchen, and she showed me the dishes she had put in the oven.

"Is that dinner? What are you making me, Sarah?"

In answer, she pointed out of the room, then led me back to the dining room where her drawing was still out on her little table. She put her finger down on the paper.

"Pumpkin? Are you making me pumpkin?"



Jen said...

That's a kid after my own heart. :)

Danika said...

I LOVE that idea! So cute!

Marcia said...

Awesome! I remember Calista's first artwork masterpiece. She couldn't bring it to me, though because it was on my sister-in-law's wall! Precious, right? Did I mention she used a black Sharpie?

Reggs said...

ok, I would totally pay for that pumpkin picture.
I love that she is using the crayons for their intended purpose!
Unfortunately, Paisley is still eating crayons.

Brooke said...

You've seen the documentary "My Kid Could Paint That," right? 'Cause if not, you need to go find it, right now. :-)

Jessie said...

I want one!