Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not exactly a visit to the Louvre. But then, when you have kids, who wants to see the Louvre? the bathroom at the children's museum, there's a shadowbox of animal poop. Little mounds in varying shades of brown. Labeled: fox, toad, moose, squirrel. (Go ahead — say "moose and squirrel." It'll make you feel better.) Ever so appropriate a display for these little scatalogically-minded people who are in there to go potty.

The museum trip was my adventure buddy Rose's idea late last night, just spontaneous enough that I could tell the girls this morning that we were going on an adventure, and wouldn't that be fun, and they were waaay excited but able to take it in stride. We played on some Blue Man Group-esque wind instruments made out of PVC pipe, and played with the weaving exhibit (which has opened up a whole new world of classification for Beth, who was delighted to find that her sandals were woven, and so was the basket, and so is the plaid pattern on Daddy's shirt), and saw a play (Beth called it a movie, which tells me I definitely haven't been doing my job as a promoter of the arts). Sarah was fascinated with the wind display — she'd reach up as high as she could to put a hollow ball in a plastic tube, then push a button to trigger a blast of air that shot the ball out. Over and over again.

There's also a recycle shop at the museum, where local businesses donate things they're getting rid of in bulk. Amid bins of plastic wheel-shaped dohickeys and sheets of surplus plastic paperclips and unused folders for conference packets, there was a find: the magnetic sheets left over from making stick-to-the-fridge paper dolls. And then Rose found a bunch of wallpaper samples, and we concocted a paper-doll-making scheme: we'll use the sheets as templates to make cardboard paper dolls and clothes that attach with Velcro.*

So, yeah: great day at the museum. And, for your enjoyment, two Joshisms:

First, a classic from any apartment-dwelling kid: "Beth, can you come over and play in my backyard? When I have a backyard?"

And: on the way home, out of the blue, Josh piped up, "I love you, Beth."

"I love you too, Josh." And then companionable silence.

*Brooke, one of these sheets will be rolled up in my luggage when I come out to visit. This has Ellabelle written all over it.


Stacee Maree said...

we so need a museum like that? Or do we have one and I just don't know about it? That is how cultred I am in the arts

Jessie said...

Oh my how sweet!!!

and romantic!!!

Robyn Kailiponi said...

That sounds like so much fun! I can't wait until Noah is old enough to really appreciate those kind of things; esp the poop in the bathroom! That is such a great idea!

Brooke said...

Magnetic paper dolls! SWEEET!

Can't wait to see Ella & Bethie together again -- it's in what, a month?


Rosemary said...

Josh has been randomly blurting out "Beff Boss!" at the top of his lungs - anytime he thinks of her I guess . . . Let's go on another adventure soon!