Friday, July 11, 2008

Beach day

I can differentiate the days this week by what we did in the water: Monday and Tuesday were in the saltwater pool at our friends' vacation house; Wednesday was all of the ward kids running through the sprinklers while the moms sat in the shade; Thursday was eating goldfish crackers in the splash pool; today was the beach.

We are all sandy and a little sunburned and that bone-happy tired that a day of sun and sea and sand do to you. This was Sarah's first time playing in the ocean. She alternately loved it and clung to me (more out of missing her nap than fear). Beth dug in the sand and bossed her friends around, all while holding an uneaten PB&J in one sandy hand. (The picture is of Beth and Josh digging and talking.)

What did they get out of it? At the top of Beth's report to her daddy was "I goed wee-wee in the ocean!" Give me whatever stern looks you want, but I love that my three-year-old lives close enough to the ocean to learn this great trick early in life. And Sarah? Her picnic lunch was sandy PB&J, sandy fruit snacks, sandy grape halves, sandy apple slices, sandy sippy cup. Er...excellent source of roughage.


Stacee Maree said...

I would take a sandy PB&J just to visit the ocean again. I live too far away and have only been once in my life :( too sad for me.

Rebecca said...

The happy days of summer!! I don't know why but none of my kids will pee in any type of water, something to work on.

Libby said...

Stacee, doesn't that husband of yours actually need to show up in Boston for one of his classes? And shouldn't he have to bring you and the kids with him? We're up for a beach trip any time you make it out here.