Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hump Day!

I'm five weeks away from D-Day – January 15th. It was at just this point in my first pregnancy that I found myself in a triage room at Magee Womens Hospital with skyrocketing blood pressure and a pounding headache. Scared out of my mind. (I was also starving – I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast. But that's beside the point.) Beth was born the next afternoon.

But this time, thus far, no signs of preeclampsia. I'm 28 pounds lighter this time around (no water weight), I can eat pretty much anything I want to without wondering if it will stay down, and I don't have the gnawing pain in my stomach that I had for a full month. Hooray! I know I'll complain about these last few weeks, but it's really just complaining for exercise.

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