Wednesday, November 29, 2006


So, years ago my sister was dating a guy who worked for 3Com and had one of the first-generation Palm Pilots. She'd tease him: "Bryan, what would you do if you lost your Palm Pilot?" And his response would always be exactly the same: "I wouldn't lose it."

"But what if?"

"I just wouldn't."

"Okay, but what if something really bad happened and you couldn't find it?"

He'd get annoyed. "I wouldn't lose it!"

Scott got me addicted to a Palm Pilot about five years ago. He was sneaky about it: he found a really good shopping list program to replace my usual nineteen different scraps of paper. Got me hooked. Took me away from my beloved analog planners with gorgeous photographs. And this week I (gasp!) lost my Palm Pilot. It's a Tungsten E. Not the most fabbity-fab-fab PDA out there – it doesn't double as a cell phone, the MP3 player is a bit limited, and something on it crashes the Palm Desktop interface with my computer so I can't load it up with new photos of Beth – but I've been really happy with it. It works for me. And it's gone. We've torn the house apart looking for it. I'm retracing my steps this week hoping I can find someone who might have seen it. The pregnancy hormones aren't helping – my memory isn't what it should be, and I'm starting to go a little bit nuts.

Scott's brother is fond of saying that we're digital people in an analog world. He has no idea....

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