Sunday, November 19, 2006

Beff happy. Beff poop.

Beth is starting to put together little two-word sentences. Her first, a few weeks ago, came while I was changing her diaper. "Did you poop?" I asked her, already knowing the answer.

"Beff poop," she said. She was right.

I was so proud.

Last week as we were on our way en masse to a pre-natal appointment, she sat in the back seat proclaiming, "Beff happy. Da'ee happy. Mama happy." (This may have had something to do with the fact that Scott was about to accept a job offer. Yeeha!)

Last night she watched her dad sit on the potty and told him, quite seriously, "Da'ee poop." Then, with a look of intense concentration on her little round face, she added, "Beff poop." Then she grunted.

Hey, it's a step toward potty training. I'll take it.

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