Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beth's fifth birthday party, by the numbers

Balloons purchased for Beth's birthday party this morning: 12

Balloons that survived the ride home: 11 

Very excited pint-sized little girls in their fanciest tea party attire: 10

Number of adults present at said party, including Beth's dad and grandpa: 9

Number of cupcakes left over at the end of the party: 7

Percentage of those cupcakes likely to be consumed by Beth's mom before bedtime: 86

Strawberry cartons purchased last night for dipping in Hershey's syrup "fondue": 4

Teacups I borrowed late last night from a very brave friend so that each girl could drink pink lemonade from a real teacup and saucer: 4

Children who refused pink lemonade: 2 (Who are these people who can turn down chocolate cupcakes and pink lemonade? Certainly no one in my family.)

Number of fancy dresses Grandpa Wes brought in his suitcase for Beth and Sarah: 2

Number of said dresses worn by the girls to the party, although Beth did wear the dress intended for Sarah and vice versa: 2

Number of children who appeared to have jumped into the fondue along with her strawberries: 1 (Sorry, Julie -- I did try to sponge her off.)

Number of little girls in tears by the end of the party: 0 (Raging success.)


Markie said...

Sounds like a complete success to me (and no tears is a bonus!) Give the birthday girl a hug for me!

Danika said...

Oooh! I can't wait to see the fancy dresses!!!

Brittany said...

Oh!!!! How I wish Avery could have been there too! Although, she most likely would have dropped the tea cup as she tried to fill it to the brim with chocolate fondue for her to chug. Can you post pictures? Happy Birthday Beth!!!

Brooke said...

Sounds like a rollicking time. Eleanor's party this year involved both girls AND boys, which was . . . interesting. Let's just say that girls are more easily amused by Pin the Tail on the Donkey than boys are.

Jen Stanford said...

Five?!? Give her five hugs from each of us. We miss you all!