Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Cyber Monday!

Woke up this morning to two rather energetic preschoolers and two rather enthusiastic reviews of some of my Etsy items on Familylicious. Scroll down a bit...look for the Teesies'll find 'em. get said kids, a stack of phone books, and every spare string of white Christmas lights I can find over to the church by 9:30...'cause I'm spending a good chunk of the day decorating for the annual wreathmaking party. (I'm tempted to crash the rival event tomorrow night: "Manrichment," featuing a bunch of dads, a McDonald's playspace, and a Big Mac eating contest. Suppose I'd look a little out of place, though.)


Markie said...

Hooray for publicity!!

Brooke said...

A hamburger eating contest?!? I'd take Manrichment over the wreaths anyday.

the Bunker Family said...

Wow!! Look at you! Your talents are endless Libby, why couldn't you rub off on me more when I was with you? Congrats on the shout out, makes me want to have a little baby to put them in your little onesies.