Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A few things...

...from the last few weeks, because it's been too crazy around here to even think about sitting down to blog:

  • Sarah is now talking in complete sentences. They're still largely unintelligible, but if you can understand her you realize she's actually completing thoughts.

  • Beth, in a fit of insatiable curiosity, burned her finger on the iron last night.

  • We were all sick with a killer stomach bug two weeks ago. Sarah got it first, then me, then Scott, and finally Beth. That was one entire week when we didn't leave the house. Did wonders for our attitudes in the middle of winter, let me tell you.

  • Sarah still walks around singing, "Happy birthday, dear Sarah" (usually while wearing a mixing bowl on her head). She loved loved loved her birthday party. Tells people she is two all the time.

  • Beth has begun a true obsession with the vintage Fisher-Price little people she got for Christmas. There are elaborate stories going on (she calls them "plays"), many of which involve the people sitting in the barber's chair.

  • This last perhaps because I cut Beth's hair a few weeks ago. She's had it done by my mom, and professionally (if you can call a visit to Snip-Its professional), but she insisted that I cut it this time. I'd never taken a pair of scissors to anyone's hair before trimming Sarah's baby mullet a few months ago, and attacking Bethie's thick curls was nerve-wracking. It took an hour. If I do say so myself, it looks amazing. All hail the forgiving curly hair!

  • Beth has learned to use scissors, which fortunately has nothing to do with her haircut.

  • Scott has a paper coming out in a top-tier journal this year. Woo hoo!

  • In a fit of frustration (too many people telling me, "You should sell these!" upon opening baby shower gifts) I opened an Etsy shop. Am now up to my eyeballs in fabric and other random sewing supplies, and wondering why I ever bother to listen to other people. It's been frustrating. Nice to sell a few things, but frustrating. And certainly not profitable.

  • In the midst of this, I had a complete I'm-a-stay-at-home-mom-woe-is-me breakdown, which Scott countered with, "You're feeling like a trapped housewife and you're going to sew to make yourself feel better?" Guy has a point. I almost decked him, but he has a point.

  • I went to parent-teacher conferences with Beth's preschool teacher. They adore her over there. She's a child who was born to thrive in preschool.

  • Rose and I took the kiddos to IKEA last week, and Josh and Beth were big enough (and potty-trained enough) to go in the playspace while we did our shopping. Sarah and Lilah, free of the older siblings' influence (and bossiness) had a grand time running through the store and striking disarmingly cute poses on Scandinavian furniture. My friend Stephanie calls the parenting-preschoolers years "the tunnel." I got a wee little glimpse of the light at the end.

  • My friend Lisa got us hooked up to play in the pit orchestra for a local high school musical. I'm way, way more excited about this than I have any right to be.

  • Beth has taken to commenting on farts, her own and other people's. One night at dinner she did something particularly loud and juicy, grinned a HUGE grin, and said, "That was just disgusting of my gas!" I had to leave the room, I was laughing so hard. I'm waiting for her to do this at church, or at the grocery store, where I'll have to pretend to be embarrassed by it.

  • I found jalapeƱo ranch dressing at the grocery store. Makes an excellent dip for chicken nuggets, which we've been eating with alarming frequency.

  • Sarah, apparently in an effort to make up for Beth's refusal to latch permanently onto a particular stuffed animal or doll, has two buddies whom she simply must have with her: Pink Teddy and her new doll Eloise.

  • Beth has become a huge fan of "Shaun the Sheep" — to such an extent that she has renamed her stuffed lamb Shauna. (This is a departure for Beth; for a long time all of her stuffed animals had to be named Beth.)

  • Sarah's fascination with the potty continues, though it is unfortunately not synched with her need to go.

  • Beth has happily worked with stickers and glue and markers and construction paper to make valentines for her preschool friends, her neighborhood friends, her immediate family, and her grandparents. Sarah colored half-heartedly (ha!) on two paper hearts and declared herself done.

  • As usual, we celebrated Groundhog Day somewhat obsessively, complete with decorations and thematic food: sausage. (Think about it. It'll come to you.) No gingerbread Phil cookies this year, though.


Jen said...

What, no link to the Etsy shop?

You realize this was PREORDAINED back in fifth grade, when we were selling pincushions and ribboned barrettes in Mini-Society. And getting our first lesson in economics when the kids with the Atari were making all the money...

Danika said...

I can vouch for Beth's haircut, it looks amazingly adorable. As for Groundhog's Day, I had no idea you guys were such fans. One year I went to Punxsatawny and was blown away at what a big deal it was down there. Then again, I may be preaching to the choir here...

Libby said...

Danika — oh, yeah, we went to Punxsy our first year in Pittsburgh. Groundhog Day happened to be on a Saturday that year, and they estimated that there were 40,000 people up on Gobbler's Knob. It was CRAZY. When were you there?!?

And Jen — sorry — Good grief. I'd forgotten about Mini-Society. We were selling origami, too, weren't we? THAT was a harsh econ lesson.

rachel said...

Oh, my, brain overload here- I feel completely updated on the Boston Boss family. And still continue to miss you guys imensely! Sorry about nobility- hope you guys beat up the bully!
And, can I tell you that the ball pit at IKEA was Gryffie's motivation to become potty trained? I also love Beth talking about her gas- she is such a cutie, I'm sure it smells like roses! Sending lots of love and a super long blog comment your way!

Markie said...

"You're feeling like a trapped housewife and you're going to sew to make yourself feel better?"

I laughed and I laughed and I laughed and I laughed! I've been having quilting fantasies at the same time I've been lamenting my suburban Mormon mommy ickiness. Sad, and yet, something, anything has got to help - sewing is at least doing something rather than wallowing in the 'woe-is-me' swamp.

Alan said...

Congrats to Scott on a top-tier journal!!! This is huge!!!

Rebecca said...

I want the link to your Etsy shop!! I would of decked Scott as well for a coment like that...there are times that you should just keep your mouth shut and just listen. Your girls sound like so much fun! I can't wait to see them again!

Robyn said...

Apart from the stomach bug, it sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun. Thanks for the update, it was fun to read. Great job on the haircut, and good luck with your sewing.

Brooke said...

Just spent time examining thy cool stuff on Etsy . . .I think making toddler "rebelwear" onesies is far, far cry from housewifely-ness. It reminds me of the "Not for Individual Sale" onesie my sis-in-law made Jeffrey when he was a wee one.

Besides, Etsy rocks -- for me, it taps into that secret inner Martha Stewart fantasy that someday, somehow, all your homemaking skills will make you FILTHY RICH and POWERFUL. Mwa ha ha!

Maryanne said...

Your onesies are awesome! I've been thinking about making a "Slippery When Wet" onesie for a long time, but I never will, so if you're interested in making one at some point, I'd buy some...

Good for you for making stuff when you're down about the mom stuff. I tend to throw stuff out. I don't know (or want to know) what that says about me.

Libby said...

"Slippery When Wet"...I love it! Maryanne, I'm going to make that one, and when I do the prototype will find its way to you. (Now I really have to find some 12-18 month onesies....)