Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trash, treasure

I spent yesterday morning at the indoor cleanup for Beth's preschool. They do this three times a year, and it was actually pretty fun, despite starting at 8am. Waaaay too early in my book...but there you go.

As I was going through bins and bins of old curricula and books and dress-ups and toys — and throwing out anything unusable — I noticed that someone had thrown out a doll. A My Friend Mandy doll. That's part of my childhood, folks. She had ink all over her face and legs, and her hair was a mess, and her cloth body was stained, but...Mandy! So I pulled her out of the pile and held her up for the director to see.

"Are you seriously throwing this away?" I asked. "Do you know what these things are worth on eBay?"

She gave me a dubious look. "Well...if you want to sell it on eBay and give the money to the Fundraising Committee...."

So I brought Mandy home, threw her in the wash to clean her up (Fisher Price was definitely on the ball when they made a machine-washable doll), and looked up her value on eBay (about $15, though a new-in-box doll fetches around $90) as well as some ways to clean her up (thick conditioner should work wonders on her hair).

Halfway through combing out her hair I realized I didn't want to sell her. Want to know why?

See any resemblance?

So the after-nap conversation went something like this:

"Sarah, who does this dolly look like?"


We went upstairs to find Beth. "Bethie, who does this dolly look like?"

"I don't know." Pensive look. "ME!" Then she had to take a look at herself in the mirror with Mandy.

She's staying. I'll write a check to the fundraising committee tomorrow. I hope Beth enjoys her half as much as I enjoyed mine.


Em Russ said...

ah ha!! She does look like BETH!!!

Kazzy said...

Very sweet! Dolls... what a foreign concept to me!

Maryanne said...

That's great! My mom snagged lots of great stuff for us that her school (a private preschool-K) was going to get rid of. I couldn't believe the stuff that they were going to throw out. Of course, i am an unrepentant garbage saver (other people's garbage-- my own is truly destroyed or truly garbage).

Reggs said...

Holy COW!! Mandy TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE BEFF!! That is really cool that you ended up having a baby that looked like your childhood baby doll.
That proves it! Beth is a doll...:)

Robyn Kailiponi said...

As soon as I saw the picture, my first thought was, "That looks like Beth!"

Stacee Maree said...

WOW she does. I can't believe you got her clean.

Brooke said...

Wow, she DOES look like Beth . . . shall I mention that my old My Friend Jenny looks just like Eleanor? What a great find! Does your mom still have the old sewing patterns for the Mandy dolls? I have some duplicates (oh, my crazy eBay addictions) if you want them. Or, wait . . . did I give them to you already?


Melissa and family said...

Cute story, Libby! I had that doll as a little girl too.
Did I ever tell you that I blog too???
Well it's:

It's fun to check in on you and your family!
Melissa (McBride) Stouffer

Ashley said...

OMG I used to love Mandy. I'm glad she came to stay with you guys.

Brandiurafinegirl said...

Hey! I had one of those! I wonder what ever happened to her?