Sunday, February 10, 2008

One in the hand

Occasionally I'll find Beth wandering around the house with her two little empty hands cupped in front of her.

"What are you carrying, Bethie?"

"Princesses! This is Ariel" — she holds out one hand — "and this is her fish Flounder" — holding out the other hand.

She'll talk to Ariel and Flounder, and apparently they talk back, and all's well until she has to do something that involves using her hands, such as putting on her coat or eating. Then she carefully tucks them into her pockets, goes about her business, and if she remembers she pulls them back out to continue the conversation.

I'm tempted to get her some little pocket-sized Disney princesses to carry around, but I like the imaginary version so much that I think I'll put that off for a while.


Em Russ said...

Ok. That is totally cute. I vote that you keep the imaginary ones for a while! So funny!!

Sarah Kay said...

I wonder how long that will work....hehe

Cynthia said...

My baby is really funny, but not so quotable. I miss Beth! Especially the squatting and saying, with great effort, "pooping. pooping. Beth pooping."
Ah, the good old days. (Not when Beth pooped. but when we lived two streets over.)

Rebecca said...

So sweet!