Monday, January 28, 2008

Baby Moonbeam

We all went to a baby shower Saturday for some neighbors, and it was fabulous — Bethie found a four-year-old to glom onto, Sarah flirted with the other babies, and Scott and I got some much-needed adult conversation with people who don't already know all the boring daily stuff about us. And the food was great, and the people were smart and interesting and had fascinating jobs and amazing kids, and Beth and Lily (the four-year-old, a bit chagrined to have a curly-haired parasite) helped Ana and Jeff unwrap all their presents.

Ana and Jeff have been calling the baby "Moonbeam" for a while now, and we passed that info along to Beth via the nametags at the shower. ("See? Ana's wearing a sticker that says 'Ana,' and her tummy is wearing two stickers that say 'Moonbeam.'") And this morning I got a phone call that Ana had had the baby, six weeks early. (Yikes! But he's fine, nearly six pounds, a whole pound bigger than Beth was when she was born.) So I told Beth. "Bethie, guess what? Ana's baby came out of her tummy. His name is Miles."

"No," she said, quite serious. "Her name is Moonbeam."

And that's where we are, as far as Beth is concerned. I figure all's well as long as she learns to say his real name by his first day of kindergarten.

(Congrats Ana!)

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Brooke said...

I think I went to school with a kid named Moonbeam. Obviously, her parents were hippies. Poor, poor Moonbeam.