Sunday, December 09, 2007

I thought I heard Christmas music!

Remember the video that made its way around the Internet a few years ago? Some guy in Ohio rigged his Christmas lights so they'd sync with holiday music he (considerately) broadcast on low-power FM so people driving by could hear it.

Well, apparently Ohio doesn't have a monopoly on tacky. This afternoon I could hear Christmas music, and I knew it wasn't coming from my house, and my downstairs neighbor is away for a few days. I finally looked out the window — and, well, it's pretty awful. I took this from my deck a few minutes ago:

If you turn up the volume, that's "Jingle Bells." I'll try to get a daytime video of this tomorrow. They're amateurs compared to the Ohio guy, but imagine having this on your street!


Rebecca said...

It must be the in thing, my mom's neighbors has them as well! One day I fear we will to. Alan and his music!

Sarah said...

Don't you know, as a homeowner, that this is practically mandatory? Sounds like you need to be stringin' those lights out on the deck, and have Scott climb the roof to put Santa in the chimney. And, well, get some good Christmas music. Barry Manilow has a new album out. I think your neighbors are dying to hear it.