Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Life's rosy! And pink.

Two things:

  1. Scott defended his dissertation today...and passed! (I know, I know — no one's surprised. But it's such a great milestone that we have to celebrate it.) Things are looking nice and rosy for our little family of four: a completed and defended dissertation, imminent graduation, then a move to a Real House and a Real Job.

  2. I took Bethie and Sarah to the pediatrician's office today. We all (and I mean all) have pinkeye. Glargck. We've been fighting off this awful unrelenting cold for nearly a week, with its sniffles and migraines and sore throats and swollen glands and fatigue and general malaise, and now on top of it we all have drippy itchy eyes and a few rounds of antibiotics. So, so gross.


Jen said...

Well, congratulations and condolences (in that order).


Sarah said...

Ha! Rose-colored eyeballs!

You're moving on to a REAL LIFE! So awesome. Get better, pinky.

Jen Stanford said...

Hoo hoo! Much applause and happy hooting from the NM contingency. Congratulations, Scott!