Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Five things Beth is obsessed with:
  1. TV/video characters, including Elmo, the Wonder Pets, and Nemo

  2. Being up high. This includes standing on her stepstool to help me make meals (she stirs pretty well), climbing into her high chair by herself, and sitting on the arm of the sofa to watch the above-listed TV characters.

  3. Stickers

  4. Where her parents are at any given moment. "Where's my daddy? Where he is? Oh, there he is."

  5. Making sure that anything that belongs to her isn't being used or touched or breathed on by anyone else, especially baby Sarah.

Five things Sarah is obsessed with:
  1. Milk

  2. Watching Beth. If she's lying on the floor and Beth is behind her, she'll even crane her little neck around so she can see what Beth is doing.

  3. Watching anyone eat food

  4. Kicking her legs and arching her back. This is going to get her in trouble if we forget to strap her in her bouncy seat or the swing — she's pretty good at kicking and arching herself out of anything we put her in.

  5. The crinkly fabric block Scott bought her over the weekend

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