Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Househunt v2.0

We have a house! Probably. We all know what happened last time. Caveats aside, though, it's a very neat place in a terrific neighborhood: a two-story condo built in 1920 and redone in 2000. Photos are here.

So the whirlwind househunting tour has been a success. I don't think I ever want to do it again, but I haven't felt this much like a superhero since 1978 and the Wonder Woman Underoos.

And Bethie has been just fine. Truly. I've talked to her over the phone several times, and she sounds like she's having a blast: trips to the library and Phipps Conservatory, time alone with Daddy, and the company of her little buddies Daniel and Eleanor. I miss her so much!

(Okay, I miss Scott too. But Scott doesn't need me to put his hair in "bunny rabbit ears" — Beth's term for pigtails — in the morning.)


Jen said...

... He can do it for himself! *rim shot*

Sorry, couldn't resist. :D

Fabulous news. Congrats, Wonder Woman! (Photo link doesn't work, though... just takes me to some generic "set up your flickr account" page.) And I'm glad Beth's doing so well. She'll be happy to have you back, though!

Sarah said...

I had to search around. Jen, go to her old link and then snoop around a little. Loved, loved the place. It's, perhaps, smaller than the last place but it looks well maintained, has 2 floors, and it's really cute. And you can't get character like that anymore. Built 1920s? I'm seriously impressed, girl.

Libby said...

Okay, folks. I fixed the link to the Flickr account, put up some more pictures, and actually arranged them in a more logical feel free to give it another look.

Hooray! We aren't homeless!

Libby said...

Oh, and it's actually BIGGER than the last place. Go figure.

Jen said...

Looks great -- I love the colors in the yellow room and the kids' room. And all that space! You did good, Lib. When's the move?