Saturday, February 03, 2007


Bethie is learning clapping games! We've tried them a few times, but this week they caught her attention and she's been having a ball. Scott taught her "Pease porridge hot" and "Pat-a-cake," and tonight after prayers, completely unprompted, she started playing pat-a-cake with her teddy bear. Right after the "amen," she started into "pa-cake, pa-cake" and clapped Bo's hands together. After she got to "trow in oven baby and me" she clapped the bear's hands again and said, "Yay Bo!"

Bo, by the way, is undergoing some gender confusion. He started out as a boy bear (Scott, who's in charge of naming stuffed animals around here, named him Beauregarde Q. Bear) and we did just fine in that vein...until a package arrived today from the girls' aunts. Meg and Gigi had found, among other adorable things, matching dresses for a toddler and her doll. Since the doll belonging to the toddler in question is much too small for the dress, it got transferred to Bo — who, by the way, looks just adorable in it.

Maybe a girl needs a bear who'll play tea parties with her, instead of one who'll hide out in the garage talking about table saws with his buddies.

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