Monday, January 15, 2007


Here it is — my official due date — and for those of you who are curious, nothing is happening. No contractions, no further trips to the hospital, just an increasingly impatient pregnant lady who is now finding all sorts of projects to pick up while I'm waiting...and waiting....

We get enough phone calls from family members every day ("'re still pregnant?" "When's that baby coming?") that Scott is now sending both families a daily "BabyWatch 2007" e-mail. Sample (from the mid-day update 1-15-07):

  • Baby: Holding Steady

  • Contractions: Braxton Hicks contractions only (non-labor)

  • Libby's Crankiness Meter: Med/High (Libby contributed to this rating)

  • # of times Beth has said "Baby Out!" so far today: 3

  • When Scott estimates baby will be born: April 27, 2007
Oh, he's funny, this guy. If we go as far as January 27th, he's going to have to rescale that crankiness meter.

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